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Swap BTC and BCH with the Bitcoin.com Wallet’s New Shapeshift API

Bitcoin.com, the premier source for all things Bitcoin, is pleased to announce that our development team has integrated the Shapeshift.io tool within the Bitcoin.com … Read More

Search the Blockchain With Bitcoin.com’s New Block Explorer

This week the team at Bitcoin.com, the internet’s premier bitcoin portal, launched its block explorer enabling cryptocurrency enthusiasts to search the bitcoin cash (BCH) … Read More

Bitcoin Cash Games Arrives — Play Your Favorites Faster With BCH

Last September the premier source for everything bitcoin-related, Bitcoin.com, launched our casino gaming platform Bitcoin Games. Since then we decided to create a portal … Read More

Kentucky Fried Chicken Canada Launches “Bitcoin Bucket”

Bitcoiners in the past few days have witnessed mainstream media spreading rumors about South Korea’s ban on cryptocurrency. This, as always, caused some panic … Read More